Personal Revival Teachings


1.  Circle of Right Decisions (CORD, Romans 12:1-3).   How to make right decisions and know they are the will of God.  Some decisions are a clear no, others are not so clear and may be good in man’s eyes.  Is it my will or God’s will?  You will be sure to make more right-right decisions more often.


2.  Climbing the Stairway into Heaven (2 Peter 1).  All believers have the same foundation.  Peter reminds us of a sure way to reach our same goals.  The best scriptural plan to keep us focused and growing in Christ.  There are nine steps on this eternal stairway. 


3.  Completeness in Christ – Fitting Our Puzzles Together  (Luke 9:27).  Christ puts the puzzle of our life together so we may be complete in Him.  As we understand in our heart, then practice by faith the disciplines of Bible, Prayer, Witnessing and Love:  Christ will more consistently be the center.  Focus on the Bible and prayer hands.


4.  Daily Morning Quiet Time for 10 Years (Psalm 5:1-3).   How sweet is that hour of prayer?   Learn a flexible, growing method of daily time that will take you through the Bible in 10 years and be a valuable resource for the rest of your life.  Journaling and practical lessons. 


5.  Differences Between Our Salvation, Sanctification and Glorification.  Get to understand the initial and progressive truths of our new life in Christ.  Know and appropriate the truths of the old man crucified with Christ and the power of the resurrection; past, present and future.   Focus on Romans 6.


6.  Eight Commanding Officers of our Faith.  The process of getting grounded and walking in the faith. 


7.  Extreme Lessons from the Rise, Fall and Restoration of King David (1 / 2 Samuel).  We often  are encouraged by the stories of the rise (36 events) of King David.  Equally important we must look at the stories of his fall (14 events) and restoration (25 events).  Extreme lessons that address all areas of life.  Compare with Lamentations for a nation, Job’s trials and circle of life. 


8.  Growing, Spiritually with Jesus (Song of Solomon).  The relationship between young Solomon and the Shulamite woman grows continually through eight chapters.  This pure relationship of a glorious king with his lowly queen is a type of a growing relation that Jesus desires with every believer.


9.  Men of Purity, Power and Praise (MOPPP, 1 John 2:14).  Personal Purity must proceed power with God, which leads to being men of praise 24-7.  There are 5 basic guidelines, and a defensive – offensive strategy to be strong, have the word of God abide in you, and overcome the wicked one. 


10.  Pathways of Lifestyle Discipleship (Mathew 28:18-20).  I was a believer for over 30 years and very active in church.  However I did not experience discipleship until I acted by faith to lead others to grow in Christ through the disciplines of the Christian life.  A difficult, yet blessed way of life.  Cover the discipleship wheel and phases of discipleship from evangelism to basic (Hebrews 6:1-2) to character (personal holiness) to service (ministry at home >1 Peter 4:1-5, Ephesians 5, work and community). 


11.  Preparing to Meet Jesus Face to Face (2 Corinthians 5:10).  Our salvation is secure in Christ as a child of God.  Now the second most important truth of God is to understand how and why we should work for crowns and rewards. 


12.  Risk Assessment of Eternal Doctrines (RAC, 2 Timothy 2:15).  The relative importance of different Biblical doctrines and the eternal risks associated with what we believe.  Our crowns and rewards  or lack of them, depend upon what we believe and therefore do with our most precious salvation. 


13.  School of Prayer (Luke 11:1-13).  The pattern of prayer and lessons are foundational and eternal.  You will be encouraged and provided strategy to increase your prayer life; privately and in groups, consistently and daily.  Prayer may become the favorite time of your day, if it isn’t already. 


14.  Studying the Bible to Change Your Life (Book by Book).  The most beneficial way to study the Bible is book by book.  Learn how to study a book of the Bible.


15.  Walk After the Spirit, not After the Flesh (Joshua – Judges – Ruth).   This is an overview of a trilogy hidden in the Old Testament and revealed in the New Testament, in the life of every believer.  The process of our sanctification is made clear, which parallels the truths of Romans 6, 7 and 8.  


Call Bill at 0468-25-4272 or email to coordinate.  Flexible & Free. 


      Learn and Practice Sharing the Good News


  1. The Good News Bridge
  2. The Romans Road
  3. The Way with John
  4. Sharing the Good News with People in Cults
  5. Sharing the Good News with People in Cultic Groups
  6. One to One Witnessing
  7. Street Witnessing


       Join Operations or Campaigns in Spiritual Warfare


1.      Visit a local Japanese Church

2.      Participate in a Season of Prayer

3.      Climb MT Fuji with other Believers as a Spiritual Exercise

4.      Thirty Day Morning Prayer Exercise

5.     Begin or join a Believers Training House


Other Opportunities


1.      Friday Night Bible Study (7pm)

2.      Bible devotion with lunch on Base (NAVHOSP or CFAY)

3.      Workout and devotion at the gym.


  Figure out your TIME MANAGEMENT PIE.   Time is precious and sufficient to do all you NEED.