And You Shall Make Disciples of all Men 

Lessons for Salvation

  1. Where am I in the Eternal Kingdoms? (Harvard Graphics)  
  2. The Bridge of Life   (Harvard Graphics)   
  3. Witness Romans 6:23 on a Napkin              
  4. Witness Training
  5. 50 Points to Convince the Bible is Truth
  6. Evangelism Grid

Lessons for Sanctification

  1. The 3-Fold Nature of Man  /   Harvard Graphics
  2. The Process of Our Rise & Fall
  3. The Four Step Process of the Doctrine of Discipleship
  4. Church Doctrines (Power Point)
  5. Personal Revival Seminars
  6. Aquila & Priscilla Discipleship  

Taking Up My Cross with Joy:  New Convert  Basic Disciple  Ministering Disciple  Disciple Maker