CULTIC, CULTS, AND DECEPTION         John 14:6 I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, No Man comes to the Father except by Me"

Cultic    Comprehensive Cult, Cultic and Occult Index         Marks of a Cult or Cultic Group 

  1. The Children of God
  2. The Local Church (Witness Lee)
  3. The United Pentecostal Church                                                             
  4. Catholics and the Good News      Who is the Anti-Christ? 
  5. The Catholic Dictionary (This is the Official Dictionary of the Roman Catholic Church)

Cults       Rick Ross - use with discretion

  1. Ex Mormons Help Others Break Free
  2. Free Masons are not Really Free


  1. ICCDM Homepage             
  2. Kundalini Power and Charismatic Experience Study
  3. Rodney Howard Browne and Holy Laughter
  4. Unbiblical Prayer Circles
  5. Strange Fire in the Church

Church History:  History of the Christian Church (by Philip Schaff)