What's Your Reality?




What's your reality?  I do not know,                observing your life will eventually show.                  Was our ancestor a monkey or slime,                       or a powerful being with a design?

Reality is invisible and not things seen,             neither property, monitor or TV screen.              Reality is spiritual, not the imagination,                    to grasp the eternal, not temporary situations.

Reality is paying another's bad with good,                being patient, believing we surely should.              Reality is being alone and quiet, in the battle's heat, resting in God's love, when it appears as defeat.

Reality will not deceive you on any day,                    but our heart and emotions surely may.                Reality is the substance of things hoped for,            and the evidence of things not seen before. 


Reality is your best friend, for whatever reason,       One that is there, in all of life's seasons.               Reality is not to question why or clearly understand, To do it willingly, when you trust in His hand.

Reality is love, in deed and truth,                         in proper balance, not found in our youth.             Where life from death, is the way,                        To enjoy our friends and be brave.

By reality heaven and earth, in the beginning,        have complete substance, purpose, and meaning.   Reality is good, pure, faithful and right,                 It transcends culture, race, age and might.

My reality may be different than yours,                  Will you listen to me more?                           Does it matter or do you care?                              I believe it does, let's share?