Christian Cadences to Jog by
Acts 1:8

He created everything

we trust in him day by day
Jesus Christ, he is the way

We walk by faith and not by site
sanding firm and justified

There is none righteous no not one
except for Christ God's holy son
if we are faithful and obey
Jesus Christ will show the way

There is none righteous no not one
that's why God sent his holy son
the law of God declared our sin
but faith in Christ is righteousness
we all have fallen short of God
but we are atoned by Jesus blood
therefore we are justified
through our faith in Jesus Christ

Now we stand by grace alone
slaves to Christ and dead to sin
the Holy Spirit gives us power
to overcome sin in that hour
we cannot lose the battle's been won
through Jesus Christ, God's holy son


Jesus is my Savior & Lord, I don't want to sin no more.

God knows my heart-cry, to live for Christ until I die.

Life is real - not to fear, Jesus Christ is always near.

The cross of suffering & shame, in this world has no gain.

Tell me did you pray today, for faith to love & show the way.
Our eyes are pure - will not lust, as His grace works in us.

Say the truth - do not lie, humble yourselves - hate pride.

Soldiers of Christ - onward we go, the joy of heaven sure glows.

Glory to God from dawn to dust, you are invited to join us.

Amen, praise the Lord.             amen - amen - amen!

He grew up like a tender shoot
like a root out of dry ground
no beauty or majesty to attract
nothing in appearance to desire
despised and rejected by all men
a man of sorrows and suffering
like one from whom men hide there face
I 'm talking about Jesus Christ

He took up our infirmities
and carried all of our grief
yet we considered him stricken of God
smitten and afflicted
but he was pierced for our sins
and punishment was brought on him
this did surely heal our wounds
and bring about peace with our God

We all like sheep have gone astray
and each one turned to his own way
so the Lord has laid upon him
the iniquity of all men

He who has an ear let him hear
repent for the kingdom of heaven is near
the prophets spoke from long ago his throne
from Genesis to the book of Malachi
it said that the Christ would surely die
but through his death God set us free
from our iniquities
death was conquered on the third day                                        he arose again to show us the way
now we preach Christ crucified
due to this we have new life
you to can be born again
if you repent and turn to him