A law is something that is set in motion and will continue in a predetermined direction until it finishes its course.  Think of mathematics and physics.  The law of gravity, the laws of algebra, the law of mathematics in proportions, priority, and sequence.  The law of nature and balance. 


The 2 spiritual laws in the bible are stated in Romans 8:2  The law of spirit and life and the law of sin and death.  This same principal of law naturally affects and directs our emotions.  In our emotions, the Christian learns and enjoys control of the emotions. The Christian emotions become more natural and mature, like Christ, as we grow in grace and knowledge.  As we obey God’s Word, He illuminates our mind to understand and correctly divide the Word of God.    As we understand God’s Word better, we are more capable to obey Him.  Obedience and illumination reciprocate one another.  


With emotions we learn control, balance, naturalness, sincerity, honesty, and clarity.  God in man, in our conscience or in the Holy Spirit will produce natural, healthy emotions.  Satan will burn our conscience, distort our emotional control and balance, deceive us by producing unnatural, unhealthy emotions. 


Proverbs says an unjust balance is an abomination to the Lord.  We find the balance by meditating and studying the bible and obedience to the word, by faith.  Do an inventory of your emotions today and consider where you are.


Emotions are one of 4 groups:


The first three are good, “law of spirit and life”               The last group is evil, “law of sin and death”


Positive             Nuetral            Negative                               

(beneficial)     (necessary)         (balance)                     


happy               meekness         sad                               pride

smiles               long suffering    serious                          anger

laugh                patience            crying                           envy

courage            temperance                                           fear

compassion                                          arrogance


Love                                                    hate

Peace Eph 6:19

Good Works



tree known by fruit                                tree known by fruit


obvious            hidden              obvious                       


Primary before people              Primary before God

then God, 90%                         then People, 10%



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