Study to Show Thyself Approved onto God, A Worker that Needeth not be Ashamed, Rightly Dividing the Word of God  2 Timothy 2:15

  1. A Trilogical Macroview of the 66 Books of the Bible
  2. Angels Working - Aware or Unaware  
  3. Ark of God:  It's Glory, Power and Presence   
  4. Bible History - Original Manuscripts & Translations 
  5. Church History - Doctrines & Interpretations
  6. Covenant verses Dispensational Theology / Dispensation 1 / Dispensation 2
  7. Cults and Cultic Groups
  8. Dinosaurs - Where are they?   Spanish           
  9. Discerning Music that Speaks to the Spirit - Not the Soul or Body (future)
  10. Drinking Alcohol: What is Your Biblical Conviction?
  11. Fasting:  Non-Biblical and Biblical                            
  12. God's Law of Spirit and Life Reflected in our Emotions
  13. Hard Faces for the Lord  or Puedes Ser un Cariduro!
  14. Hermenuetics & Deductive Bible Study (Galatians 3:28)
  15. Israel Today
  16. Judgment Seat of Christ      
  17. Justification, Sanctification & Glorification Comparison Chart (primary growth doctrine)
  18. King David's Pattern of Victory, Defeat and Recovery (extreme lessons to learn from)             
  19. Love One Another with a Pure Heart, Fervently (in progress - primary doctrine)
  20. Mature Christians can serve others in marriages, baptisms, communion & teaching
  21. Meekness or Manso   (1 of 9 fruit of the Spirit)
  22. Omnipotent or Almighty God
  23. Slain in the unholy spirit
  24. Tongues: A Sign (Acts) & A Gift (1 Corinthians)  (secondary doctrine)