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Alexandria or Rome



Holy God - the Author   John 1:1
Holy Men -  the Writers    1Peter 1:20-21



Old Testament  Psalm 138:1, Psalm 119, Isaiah 59:21, Proverbs 30:5

New Testament  Mathew 5:18, John 10:35, Revelation 22:18-19



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ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS (Majority & Consistent) 


Old Testament -  Hebrew Masoretic Text, completed 400 BC,  Ben Chayyim,*  Romans 3:2 (39 books)                        

New Testament - Greek, 68 AD (27 books)    

Canonization.   Athanasius *367AD (Also known as Byzantine* manuscripts)





The Translators - Holy Men


John Wycliffe - 1384. Morning Star of the reformation.   writings burned, body unburied and cremated 40 years later                                        

John Huss - 1415,  burned at the stake  

William Tyndale - 1536,  burned at the stake., "Lord, open the King of Englandís eyes."                 

Miles Coverdale - omitted apocrypha                 

Martin Luther  - 1546                                         

John Rogers - 1555, burned at the stake          

John Knox - 1572  (preached at King James ordination)                                                          

King James I - Great Britain's Solomon, bans Jesuits         

King James Version Translators                           

KJV - dedication statement                                

KJV - Translators to the Reader


The Translations - Holy (Majority Text)


Peshitta - French - 150  AD                                

Italic - Italian 157 AD                                        

The Dark Ages - 476 to 1453 AD                         

Wycliffe - English 1382 AD                                  

Gutenberg Bible - 1455 AD                                

Erasmus NT  - English, 1516 AD (from Greek)     

Tyndale - English, 1525 AD                                

Luther Bible - German, 1534 AD                          

Coverdale - English 1535 AD                               

Mathews - English, 1537 AD (John Rogers)        

Great Bible - English, 1539 AD                           

Geneva Bible - English, 1560 AD (the Puritan Bible, verses added to the Bible w/notes)               

Bishop's Bible - English, 1568 AD                       

King James* - English, 1611AD                          

Dead Sea Scrolls 1947 AD (Isaiah)            

The Evidence Bible *- English, 2001 AD (Ray Comfort)  

www.onlinebible (contains KJ, Darby,

Schrivener - Interlinear Greek, Apocrypha)




The Septuagint Greek translation of the Old Testament                   

Codex Vaticanus, 340 AD, Omits most of  Genesis, all of  Revelations,  I/II Timothy, Titus, 33 Psalms - 106 to 138 and last 4 1/2 chapters of Hebrews.  Kept since 1480 at Vatican library.                       

Codex Sinaicitus, 330 AD, 15,000 internal changes in 7-8 and 12th century.   Discovered in 1844 at St. Catherines Monastery.

The Translators - Corrupt Men

Jerome - 405 AD (Latin Vulgate from Hebrew - not Septuagint, good points)

Saint Augustine

Origen - Eusebis 340 AD (Father of allegory)

Westcott and Hort 1880 AD (most corrupt)

Nestle - Aland (follow Westcott and Hort)

Homosexual-Lesbian translators

The Translations - Corrupt  (Minority Text)

Latin  Vulgate - 405 AD (Jerome)                            

Chapters added to the Bible - 1227 AD                     

Council of Trent canonized Apocrypha - 1546           

Rheims NT - 1582 AD                                              

Douay-Rheims Bible - 1610 AD                                

Revised Version - 1885 AD, included Apocrypha       

American Standard Version - 1901 AD                     

Revised Standard Version 1952 AD                          

Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition - 1966    

New American Standard Version - 1971 AD              

Living Bible1971 - Good News for Modern Man 1975

New International Version - missing same verses as Jehovah Witness Bible 1978 AD                                   

The New Eye Opener, Over 200 Words and verses missing from the New Testament                                 

Answer these questions in your NIV Challenge       

THE "NEW" KING JAMES - Good try, but still KJV is better translation. 1982 AD